Gray Box Mobile

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 ‘Mobile Communications with the smarts to make your Drivers life Easier’

Are you tired of traditional black box mobile communication platforms that force you to work to certain process’s ? 

Tired of the one solutions is right for all companies?

Is it time to take control of your data and your business process’s ?


One App.

Simplify your drivers’ lives by putting everything they need in one unified mobile driver app.  A single app means one login to remember, one app to install, one app to learn, and no redundant data entry.

Near Real-time Live Intergration


As changes occur in Dispatch the information is automatically pushed to Gray Box Mobile. Tired of a timed wait cycle? Our live, near real-time integration pushes and pulls events for the driver as they occur.

Your drivers can now enjoy the feeling of being directly connected to your dispatch system with real-time workflow, eliminating the awkward transmission delays that frustrate drivers and slow down the pace of your business.

Simplfied Workflow

With our near Real-Time intergration we can customize the options that are available to the driver based on the Trip/Leg details of Depatch.   Reducing the overwhelming amount of options that driver has to choose from.

In this example,  why should the driver have the ablility to pick through multiple macros/form when he really only has one action that is the proper one to send in at this time.

Intuitive Custom Options

The ability to customize the look and feel of your Mobile Communication allows for a smoother experience and easier adoption rate of use with your drivers.

Prompt your drivers with what you want them to capture based on the stop they are at,  this eliminates the guess work from the driver and jumping around screens so they can focus on getting your loads to where they need to go.

News/Tips/Company Messages

Your company can push daily notices/tips/reminders to the drivers screens easily on your own.

The system can also read your TMS Dispatching profile to give automatic reminders to the drivers on items coming up for renewals for them!

 Example Drivers Licenses, PassPorts. 

Prebuilt mobile components

  • Dispatch Workflow
  • HOS/ELDTelematics/Fleet Management
  • Voiceguided turnbyturn navigation with trucking attributes
  • Twoway messaging with form/macro support
  • Equipment locator
  • Integrated weather
  • Location maps
  • Intelligent locking to prevent distracted driving
  • 5Star driver review capability
  • Highquality document scanning and processing

  • Dynamic forms
  • Dashboards
  • Video library management
  • Video viewtracking and reporting
  • Text & video news feeds
  • Payroll
  • Task lists
  • Menu builder
  • Exception reporting screens
  • Data gathering tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Active tracking.

What makes Gray Box Mobile different

Focused on custom tailoring to suit your business.

We understand that not all traditional mobile solutions fit your business model 100%. Gray Box Mobile enables you to have a customtailoredexperience that is well suited toyour mobile workforce needs.

Near realtime live integration.

As changes occur in Dispatch the information is automatically pushed to Gray Box Mobile.Tired of a timed wait cycle? Our live, near realtime integration pushes and pulls events for the driver as they occur.

Device format and OS flexibility.

Phones or tablets, operating system agnostic, it doesn’t matter, use any device format or OS that your drivers are most comfortable with, either individually or as a company.