Gray Box RPA

Powered By  KOFAX

Have you ever heard of RPA? If not, it’s about time you did!

 Robotic Process Automation.
With Gray Box RPA we can help you to automate manual processes using computerized robots. Just think of those BORING, REPETITIVE tasks that take hours out of an employee’s day. As an example, think of how many times you have heard from employees (or said it yourself) “this website is such a pain to navigate and I need to update or lookup all of these orders, it’s going to take hours!”


Powered by Kofax RPA technology we have created a way to offer these Bots as a monthly service to free up that time for you. Now there is no need to invest a bunch of capital upfront, train a dedicated employee and maintain the technology infrastructure to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.
Our resident tamer of the bots, Dorothy VanKoughnett,CPA,CMA, can lead you into the next generation of process automation!!
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