A black box is one that you don’t know what’s going on inside. You can push buttons and get a result, but you do not know the details and work necessary to transform your input into the result. This is your proprietary software and services that you pay others to know all the details of so you can focus on your business. Everything works until it doesn’t and then you are put in a place where you might need to know the details.

A white box is completely transparent in every way to you. Your business, workflows, market, and core products and services are all open to you. As you grow, the specific details of some processes may be less important. A hands-on approach with those processes may be consuming time you cannot afford to lose, and you might delegate it to another provider.

However, you may not want to completely hand that white box business process or workflow to a black box provider. You still need some visibility.


At Gray Box Solutions, we offer technology services and solutions to bridge the gaps between the seen and unseen tasks that enable your business to run.

  • Strategies to limit failures of your black boxes
  • Providing further white box insight into your business
  • Helping mediate between these two extremes

All of this to enable you to focus on your business.