Tap into the full potential of your data
Connect the things that matter to your business with access to the largest telematics ecosystem of integrated, fleet-focused hardware and software solutions.
Get the most out of your Geotab experience by customizing a solution to meet your needs.

Vehicle & Trailer Tracking
Protect your assets and trailers with tracking features that will keep you connected while in transit. Choose from a range of solar, battery, and Bluetooth operated asset trackers.


Cameras & ADAS
Reduce liability and gain better visibility of your drivers and vehicles with the latest camera and ADAS solutions. Choose from a range of partner services that include multi-cam, AI, Computer vision, managed service, and more.

Routing & Dispatch
Get the best routes for your fleet by seamlessly integrating delivery logistics with multiple route planning for planned/actual routes with dispatching functionality. Choose from solutions include dynamic routing, scheduling, proof of delivery, and more.

Mobile Forms
Seamlessly track and engage with mobile employees. Create dynamic forms with conditional logic based on job conditions or inputs, capture rich media such as photos, signatures, GPS/Time stamps, and more.

200+ Marketplace solutions
By partnering with other industry leaders, The Geotab
Marketplace gives you the power of choice. No matter
the size or type, there is something for every fleet.

Seamless integration
Marketplace solutions are designed to integrate with
the Geotab platform, offering a rich complement of
products to optimize your fleet.

Unlimited flexibility
Geotab Marketplace offers unlimited flexibility to address
changing fleet needs. Customize your solution by adding
one, or daisy-chain of integrated solution, as needed.

Public Works

A scalable and robust solution for government fleet management. It helps government agencies manage vehicles such as salt spreaders, snow plows, street sweepers and waste management vehicles. Pubilic Works solution helps ensure that all infrastructure is serviced adequately while controlling costs, tracking material usage and more.

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Transportation And Logistics

Geotab provides a easy-to-use driver compliance app that enhances the driving experience and streamlines ELD compliance, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and Driver Identification. It is FMCSA and cross border compliant with over 100+ customizable HOS Rulesets and exemptions for the U.S. and Canada, and access to Geotab Marketplace’s integrated, value-added compliance solutions.

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Delivery & Field Services

From delivery fleets to field service companies, fleets are responsible for providing superior customer experience in the least costly manner. Customers are demanding transparency, short arrival windows, and accurate arrival rates. Key to meeting this demand in a cost effective way is ensuring that every:

  • Appointment is optimally scheduled,
  • Dispatchers have real-time visibility into vehicle location, access to tools quickly handle last minute changes,
  • Route is optimized,
  • Drivers have access to the tools they need such as proper driver training, mobile app & forms, etc.
  • Customer service has access to tools to provide customers with visibility.

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Electric Vehicles

Built-in rules and custom notifications designed for successful EV management

  • Receive notifications when the battery of a vehicle reaches critical level while on the road and needs to be charged
  • Remind drivers when it’s time to plug in and prioritize charging order for fleet EVs based on lowest charge level
  • Identify when a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is running on fuel only and not optimizing its electric cost-savings potential
  • Establish ‘no-charge time’ rules to eliminate charging during peak electricity rate times and receive notifications when a vehicle is charging during that time








Construction / OffRoad







Recreational Vehicles