Dorothy Vankoughnett, Business Process Improvement / Financial Analysis / RPA Designer

Dorothy has been actively using TruckMate for 30+ years. From Dispatch to
Administration to Finance, she’s seen it all. While working full time she earned her degree as a CPA CMA and was the Silver Medalist of her graduating class.

Over the years Dorothy has had her fingers in all aspects of the TruckMate applications. She was honored to serve as a member of the TruckMate Advisory Board to help guide the product future with all companies in mind. Her skills and education allow her to have a great focus on financial processes, how to review and improve them, all with a goal of achieving the best possible ROI.

As of late, Dorothy has become a wizard with implementing Tungsten Robotic Process Automation and now has moved into the world of additional Tungsten Automation products such as Total Agility to help clients streamline processes. Whether its using APIs to link various platforms together, analyzing and extracting documents to reduce manual data entry or creating robust solutions to interact with users and achieve their end goals she is constantly looking for ways to support our customers automation goals.