Gregg Wilson, Solutions Engineer

When Gregg was about 12 years old, his parents gave him a Commodore VIC-20 for Christmas and little did they know at the time, this would start his fascination with computers and electronics in general. Throughout his school and work lives, he always gravitated to learning what he could about computers, programming, and software in general. One summer he applied to do temporary work as a filing clerk for (at the time) an unknown client. That job turned out to be Gregg’s first step into the transportation industry – working for the biggest transportation/trucking company on the planet. You may recognize their brown trucks on the road. Throughout his time at “big brown”, Gregg steadily moved up from entry level filing, to data entry, to training new employees, finally getting back into support and development.

Writing new programs and supporting old was the perfect fit, but he was still a small fish in a really big pond, so he decided to take the leap and move to become the sole IT guy at a small, family owned, over the road trucking company. Here he learned what TruckMate was. He loved it, supporting the company, doing everything from installing printers to servers and everything in between. Gregg loved having the “keys to the kingdom” and enjoyed coming up with new solutions to old problems. When he decided it was time to move on, he went to another family owned trucking company and had a larger fleet of trucks, more users to support, and more problems to solve.

When the time came to join Gray Box, he did not hesitate. He knew several of the team already by name and reputation and knew that he was going to be able to join an elite group of folks that were great at what they did.

When he’s not working on problem solving and coming up with ways to get from A to B, you can probably find him watching Sci-Fi, crime dramas or paranormal shows.