Jason Robertson, Chief Operating Officer

2024 marks Jason’s 25th year of dedicated expertise in IT Management within the Transportation Industry. Upon entering the sector, he quickly identified a crucial gap: a shortage of IT professionals with a deep understanding of both industry dynamics and backend systems. Determined to make a difference, Jason emerged as a leader by bridging this divide, leveraging his expertise to harmonize IT solutions with internal logistics processes.

In Jason’s early age of grade school as computers were being introduced to the schools, Jason found himself with having a natural ability to pick up the technology quickly. Before long, not only was he teaching other students how to use the computers in grade school, but teachers were pulling him out of classes to be taught as well. This did not end in Grade school but continued to rapidly grow, in High school he started his first computer consulting business with two technicians who would tend to local services calls around their class schedules.

These core troubleshooting skills that he built in such early years is what has led him to be so successful at everything he does today around technology

Jason’s unique insight and proactive approach have empowered numerous companies to outshine their competitors across all fronts. His adept IT skills, combined with a profound understanding of transportation intricacies, have proven invaluable repeatedly.

Throughout his career, Jason has been an active participant in the TMW TruckMate Online User Forums, offering assistance and sharing knowledge. Additionally, he served on the TruckMate Software Advisory Board, providing valuable input for product enhancement and direction, drawing from insights gained across various trucking companies.

Some of Jason’s core skills are but not limited to:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Crystal Reports
  • Customer Service
  • DB2 Servers
  • Driver Pay Contracts
  • IT Infrastructures
  • KPI/Command Centre
  • Small/Medium Business Solutions
  • SQL Writing
  • Truckload Dispatching
  • TruckMate
  • Visual Cut

Combined, these core skills enable Jason to navigate the complexities of the transportation industry with confidence and proficiency, driving success and innovation in every aspect of his work.

When he’s not fearlessly taking on technical hurdles, Jason enjoys spending quality time with his niece and nephew during Family Friday Fun Nights, or exploring and conquering the challenging technical mountain bike trails of Vancouver Island, BC.