Joel Penner, Chief Product Officer

Joel’s interest in technology began at age six when he started learning IBM DOS and QBASIC. His passion for creating new things led him to modding video games in high school and build a peer-to-peer auction freight-board in university. Joel graduated from Simon Fraser University’s revolutionary interdisciplinary program in Interaction Design with a strong focus on software.

He was initially hired by Maddocks Systems for a summer term, which extended to 13 years. His roles included web development, Linux support, and project management. During an economic downturn, Joel took on multiple responsibilities in development, QA, and beta coordination. He also contributed to reducing a significant EDI mapping backlog.

As Maddocks morphed into TMW Systema and later Trimble, Joel spent six years resolving diverse and complex bugs before leading the development of TM4Web. He transformed TM4Web from a form-based user interface to a modern, responsive platform with real-time responses and doubled its features. As a former Certified Scrum Master, Joel facilitated multiple teams through the transition to Scrum processes.

Joel’s skills include:

  • Eleos & Geotab integrations 
  • .NET, DB2 SQL, Postgres SQL, and Azure development
  • Software Design Methodologies
  • Team Facilitation
  • TruckMate implementation, support, and customization 
  • User Interface Design

Outside of work, Joel enjoys hiking and paddling around the mountains and lakes of northern California. His creative outlet shows up in macro and landscape photography and playing the piano.