Shaun Mcdonald, Sr. Software Engineer

Shaun started his software development career at a small forestry company in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Though this may not seem like the most obvious start to a career in technology, the projects he worked on were, especially at the time, exciting new technologies. He worked with GPS systems for trucks and log loaders, connected to on-board computers in trucks, and created a standard format used across the Alberta forestry sector to record logging data from the forest to the mills.

After a few years, it was time to move on to new challenges and a more established team. He took his growing skillset to an Edmonton-based software company with a focus on the cement industry where he worked on the cement truck loading portfolio.

After several years, he heard the call to adventure and knew it would not be ignored. He set out on a trip around the world exploring both the civilizations and wild places of the Earth.

But, as every chapter ends, a new one begins. Upon returning to Canada, he joined Gray Box Solutions as Software Engineer where he brings his range of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the team.